Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rule Breaker

"Dwell comfortably in the midst of profound uncertainty." -John Keats

Horrible...that's how I've done at the photo of the day challenge.  I fell off the wagon somewhere around day 4-ish.  Not that I won't write down the list for March with grand intentions...and proceed to probably suck at it too.  Whatever, I'm not disappointed in myself.  It did make me start looking at the world through a photographer's eye again and I've taken pictures almost everyday...though when I pan through them they have a common theme of fur or sand...again, whatever.  It's my tiny world and you my friend are visiting. 
This was day four- Stranger

Day 10 - Button. 
This was as close to a button as I saw that day.  I have no idea what these things are but they were all over the beach for a few days.  There were little dirty sleeve things that looked like used condoms all over the place too...I think these things came out of them.  If you could get past the look of ocean's used prophylactics they were a pretty neat find.  And yes I did pick one know anyone who watches a bird yak then pokes said yak to see what was in it, would have to.  They felt like a dried out lei, not that I've ever felt a lei, dried out or not. 
The one and only thing that I've ever missed about Greensboro was all the parks and places to get outside in the woods.  Welp, who knew that what I was missing has been sitting literally in my backyard for nine months. It just took a little wandering around and ignoring some no trespassing signs to find it. Me and the dog have turned a debunked golf course into our own little Hanging Rock.  All of it is not this pretty but parts of it are.

I guess this is the first "good" winter since I've moved to the beach, we rode motorcycles in January and  a couple times this month.  Daffodils in February just confuse me though.  And before any smart ass even tries...I am aware this is not a daffodil.

Now this one has a story behind it that I would loove to hear.  Everyone knows that I will talk about the sacrificial sock but if you did have to do the undie sacrifice why remove the waistband? What possibly could have caused this??The worlds worst wedgy?? Put out or get out gone awry?? (no I did not touch it)

I was trying to get the very uncooperative dog to let me take a picture...I kept getting the back of his head or part of his butt as he would suddenly get up and walk away. I finally pulled out the big guns and said "biscuit?" And this is what we got.... 

I read this morning that humans have two basic orientations, having or being.  The havings are people who must have things and can't let go of the material side of life.  The being people hold more weight in the experiences of living.  I'm a being.  It only takes one look around my sparsely populated home to see that.  There is only one room in the house that looks like an actual adult lives here.  I love finding these little tid bits on human behavior...especially when they lend credit to my oddities.  For whatever reason it makes me feel better. 

Funny how life works out, just when you think you know all the cards on the table one gets flipped over that you never saw coming.  And just like there's a fork in the road and a whole new world opens up.  There's something to be said for having that someone to hold your hand for all that stuff just slightly beyond the horizon. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Playing Along

So from some of the blogs I read I've found all the bloggy types are doing this Photo of the Day Challenge.  There's a list of daily ideas to I guess inspire me to take pictures of something other than my dog.  I'm sure there are unwritten rules about only one picture a day or to actually take pictures of whats on the list but I've never been much on rules and I don't intend to start conforming now. 

Day 1 - View of today.  I had several that I took yesterday without knowing about this so here are a few. (notice the already breaking of the rules)
These were both taken at the very end of Cherry Grove Beach called the point, with coffee in hand and Roger dog on leash. 

Took this one while I sat on the bike waiting to meet up Velcro for our ride to lunch.   
Day 2 - Words
This is a shot of my journal...and my scribblings that haven't turned into anything fit for others to read...yet.