Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

I come from a generation of little patriotism. One that relates Veteran's Day more to advertised sale events than to soldiers and one that remembers most of Presidential affairs and mishaps since it is what was plastered all over the TVs. I remember Desert Storm as a teenager but barely more than the fire fights at night that looked more like fireworks. It seemed distant, and well, like a TV show. The violence of mainstream media has numbed us to tragedy in real life. News of the war blends away into the gray of over information and political agendas. Even the coverage of the war in Iraq now seems more like arguments between our leaders. Lost almost completely from sight and thought are the ones who have given up life as we know it to do without question what they are told. Fighting for choices made for them and going into everyday with the chance of not coming out of it.

Living with Mr Man has completely opened my eyes. He served in Vietnam and faced those same every days before I was born. I realize that whether it was WWII or Vietnam or Iraq, it's all still the same. What our soldiers do in the line of duty and endure, our cushy pampered asses can't even imagine. And they do it to keep our obliviously happy lives just that way. So from a converted open eyed child of the 70's....Thank You.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Joe Typical Monday

Today we spent the day on the boat. No particular destination, just bloody marys and lunch. The waterway is full of big boats heading south for the winter. At one point I asked why you have to be 70 before you get to kayak in the Keys....Mr Man said he didn't have the answer for me. That was the only question that he couldn't answer...and he doesn't always wait for a question asked to tell me stuff. I love that he teaches me things...random smartness that only he would have the patience to pass along...the kind of things my strange sponge mind just latches on to and I remember forever. I love love that we can spend the day together and talk non-stop or we can putz down the water at sailboat speed and just BE. And I love love love that he has no need to try to break me and change me from the quirky weird little girl that I am.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Odd Planetary Alignment in the Fur Kindgom

First let me start by saying that this time change is ruining my life. All I want to do in my non-work spare time is sleep. Sleep Actually I'm pretty sure I've had this exact same issue every year about this time. It's like girl hibernation or something. No matter how much I sleep it's just not enough....not like barely not enough...more like no fricking where close to enough. And it sucks. I don't feel any better now that I've shared that but I can move on. Still tired though.

Am I the only one that's noticed that squirrels are in heat? Maybe its just in my tee tiny corner of the world but the horny flirty squirrels are running a muck all over the neighborhood...I'm pretty glad its not just in our yard. I would hate to be know as the people with the exhibitionist squirrels.

And its deer fucky season too. I've seen them at night coming home and even in the day time running around in neighborhoods. Nanners man Curly rolled one over the hood of his car on a busy main road last week. Worried about the dented hood or left behind deer hair??....No. He was worried about his bike that was on the rack on the back of the car. As deer spokes person I will pass along their official statement.

Dear Curly,
Deers don't have thumbs so there is no real worry of gangs of rouge deer yutes* distracting you by throwing the short straw holder in front of your car while the others jack your mountain bike off the rack. Plus we prefer girl bikes...our hips don't really allow the flexibility for the high leg throw required to mount a boy bike. And we prefer beach know, no hand breaks...back to that damn opposing thumb issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience,
The "They" counsel of deer

*reference to My Cousin Vinnie...its only funny if I don't have to explain everything.

On to other furry impressiveness. Roger and Beaver has both stepped up their game as of late. My super passive, let every dog at the dog park molest him dog has finally had enough and has scratched his paw line in the sand. Mr Man, fending for himself the other night heated up a frozen dinner. After he was finished the gave the little plasty bowl to the dog to lick clean. (note- highlight of dog day) The ruler of the house, aka the cat, has recently developed a taste for biped food, so of course as self appointed world leader she headed over to get her a little bit of whatever the dog was going on about. (I've actually seen her eat out of his bowl while he stood back looking like WTF?...yet do nothing) But then it happened. Fueled by his frozen dinner remnants he sprouted kahunas and GROWLED!! "BITCH this is beef chow fun FUCK YOU!!" Apparently Beef Chow Fun gravy is something to growl about...hence the fun. I have never been so proud...I only wish I could have been there to see it...kinda like missing first steps I suppose.

Lastly, in the Beaver update. A few weeks ago we went to the Panthers spanking...I mean game and met Nanner and a friend. Of course Beaver made the trip so that he could tailgate with us. He was spotted and approached by tailgate neighbors (as any celebrity would have been). These guys, despite being Bills fans and kind of not knowing it was a 4 o'clock game, were cool guys. They'd been tailgating since 9am which may kinda sorta explain the approaching of the Beaver...but none-the-less they wanted their pictures taken with Mr GQ.

Noteable quote of the day "Holy's only 2:30...I've got to get my life together". Mr Western Shirt and the big guy admitted to being life partners...but in a non-gay way. Beave just dug the attention...although they thought he might want to consider a first name change...