Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Up Rooting...or Settling Down...Again

I am the master of throwing my life into boxes in a matter of minutes.  It's something that I've become good at over a life time of uprooting.  I always get...I won't call it sad...more reflective while I'm doing it.  Seeing things again for the first time and realizing that I have very little to tie me to my past...and very little to show for almost 38 years of quite interesting spinning around the sun.  Maybe I miss it all a little...then I come to grips that I am still just as free as I've ever been.  A couple of Japanese ceramic fruffy drink statues, a stolen sake carfare, some rather cool dive finds and random bar coasters are about all that I have to aide proof to some of the best years of my life. 

Today I went to the doctor for a funky cold shot in the ass and on the paperwork where these questions.
# of Pregnancies - # of Miscarriages - # of Abortions.  0 - 0 - 0.  And I thought to myself...# of Regrets. 0.  I have to be thankful for my lack of roots.  I think maybe if you just sit down and stay you get bored, run out of things to do and start breeding...I don't know.  There's some reason for it I'm sure.  Pretty glad I kept moving. 

Sometimes you think you know which way you are going and have some of the best laid plans...with me that's a big step.  Then all of the sudden there's a fork in the road to which there was no good road signage or a speed bump that slows you down...not in a bad way.  Just enough to make you realize today is really really good and you don't always have to wait for Someday.  Some of them you run over and barely notice and some you stick to like they're made of Velcro.

I caught my self singing this song out loud today...A simple man, a simple plan, the world's too big to understand... Be good and you will be lonesome.  Be lonesome and you will be free.  Live a lie and you'll live to regret it.  That's what living is to me...that's what living is to me.