Thursday, January 3, 2013

Begin 2013...The Best Year of My Life (so far)

"Low on money but we're getting by and we're getting high on life" - Barstool Sailor

For once the Holidays weren't dreadful as they have always seemed to be in the past.  I doubt we'll be getting a Hallmark movie made about them, but it was uneventful and we got to spend time with the people that matter and that's a pretty good step.  The days after christmas where spent wandering the streets of Savannah.  I packed Beaver to go along with us, mainly because I am hell to sleep with if I don't have something to hold on to...and secondly for his comic interjections.  The ride down was tough, the decision has been made that I-95 gets avoided on the day after xmas from here on.  I had to contact Coon Dick to find out if beaver poop was normally found in pile or pellet form, as I could only imagine that Beav had crapped my luggage from all the75mph to 0 stopping.  As always on call he provided pictures (they are more woody looking turds) and a stern warning to steer very clear of the poop as to avoid getting a case of the "explosive diarrhea".  Apparently there are actual health dangers involved with coming in contact with real beaver poo...who knew.  The first day there we located the best happy hour bar ever (which when traveling is always priority), thankfully it was right after we found some food involving tater tots at a bar unfortunately involving fat cuban lesbanese.  Their night probably went rougher than ours since they were already into the baby guiness shots well before dark.  A very unsuspecting guy was about to loose his date to the duo of questionable head giving...I figure it would be like a cat cleaning his ass.  How appropriate that they were at the place were the shirts say shuck me, suck me, eat me raw.  Yes, Velcro is now that proud owner of one...shirt that is, not overweight lesbanese.

The worst hangover of my life was the result of the little Bayou Cafe, I was somewhere in my very early 20's and just remember about ten 2 for 1 bloody mary's with tequila. (bad idea in case you were thinking of trying it.)  Whether or not its still the same place, not a thing had changed including how they pour a drink.  Of the local guys at  the bar one appeared to be quite the expert at lock picking and had his tools and a lock teaching the was kinda like the "How To" clinics at Home Depot but with liquor.  I think they appreciated that we were from a tourist town and basically know how to not act like one. Ricky, the low give a damn bartender brought out a free chicken pizza for everyone to share, but for the life of me I can't remember which night.  I have a guest check with scribblings on quote "I used to go out after 8...but when you do you just get arrested and to to jail to get butt fucked, so...we don't"  I can only guess that was something that I said and with much thought I believe it was in response to the music starting at 9.   We ate and drank our way all over Savannah and Tybee Island and I think one night stayed out until almost 9...crazy like we are. One night we cabbed it to the Crystal Brew Pub..."Um, do you mean the Crystal Beer Parlor?" from our cabbie.  "Sure, whatever, that's what we said".  Only to call him back in about an hour to come get us from the Crystal Burger (Velcro is awesome and he makes me laugh)...he must've known who we were because he showed back up. 

So far as my reflexion on 2012...I know there were lots of ups and downs, but in comparison to 2011 they seemed mild.  I had the man I love by my side the whole time and we weathered all of the storms together. I was afforded some opportunities that I could have never imagined were in the cards.  The challenge to make that into a career for myself is still everyday but give me a chance and I can do anything.

This is a milestone year since collectively me and the Velcro will be 100.  I want to travel and see and do and experience more than I ever have.  I want to BE in everyday.  I'm not so big on resolutions but I've got some pretty strong  expectations for myself physically speaking.  I intend to be one bad ass 40 year old.