Friday, March 5, 2010

Here's What I Know

It took me years of fighting my own head and the beliefs that I was force fed growing up to come to terms with what I know. (Notice I am foregoing the "what I think" and going all in here.)

I know that we are not bound to just this one human suit and one trip around to either make it or break it. I know that the intuition that has always guided me is my larger self sitting somewhere directing the show. I know my larger self is my soul. The soul that has been housed in all of my earthly selves and the only part of me that remembers all of my accumulated learning. That's why when I blindly trust the voice inside me things go right and when I go against it...well, not so much.

I know that we are here to learn and progress as a soul more so than as a human. Each life time has a set of challenges and you either accomplish them and move forward or you get next round to try again. I have places that I am drawn to for no reason, but I have no real idea where I've been before or who may have been or whether or not I made a big impact. I may have been a pirate or an Indian or a Roman soldier; Or maybe I was a housewife in the 1850's with one hell of an imagination. But I know I've always been a free spirit.

I know that everyone's soul is a different age. I know that I'm an old soul. I know I have a cluster that are my soul buddies. We pass through every life and manage to touch each others lives either for a while or just a minute. Whether we hold hands for the journey or meet just to reassure each other that our beliefs are right and we are exactly were we need to be.

You know instantly when you cross paths with a cosmic litter mate. The feeling of knowing a person before you know them. The familiar effortlessness of conversation. I know there are places and times that we manage to get to with no real effort or explanation...And there waiting is our just as unsuspecting cosmic buddy with the same tattered appointment card. Even the passing acquaintances, in parting you know that your larger selves are somewhere high fiving each other that the dumb little human suits were able to find each other in the murk and madness that is this spinning ball.